Airtopia provides all kinds of possibilities in the future based on engineers' creation. Currently include industrialization of domestic and abroad scientific and technological advancements, introduction new material from abroad and regional transformation and upgrading.
● Industrialization of domestic and abroad scientific and technological advancement
Lack of communication between technological advancement and industry is the key difficulty of transformation. By creation, once engineers absorb scientific and technological advancement, appropriate advancement will be industrialized quickly. In the meanwhile, a further development can be undertaken, making the final dash to accomplish industrialization.
● Introduction new material from abroad
During the technology import history, this is what repeatedly happens -- the Chinese production team and the foreign technical team blame each other over the application issues, which leads to a slowed production process or even a standstill and ultimately costs the Chinese enterprises much more money, work force and time than expected while failing to yield desired results.
These problems in the application and integration of the imported tech-nologies are still bothering most Chinese entrepreneurs and reformists.
Fortunately, compared to foreign technology innovators, Chinese engineers know better how to adapt and innovate technologies based on China' s unique market demand, therefore can act as  as "translator" or "lubricant" during the technology import process.
● Regional transformation and upgrading
Industrial development brings prosperity but also harm to the region. We transform the harmful sectors in the industry chain into industrial innovation center in forms of research institute, maker space and cultural park, etc. While maintaining the industrial history, this partial innovative creation can also bring upgrade for whole industry chain and whole region.
To practice the concept "making innovation heard", Airvoice is a media matrix for materials venture serving 'the makers' in manufacturing industry. Using media as a carrier and date as a supporter, thus to help with the cognitive iteration, stimulates innovation as well as discovers value to merge innovation and industry. We explore industry' s development and survival together and devoted to upgrade manufacturing industry.
From Wechat official account, mini programs, various mainstream media platforms to social platforms, Airvoice covers on-line and off-line media. With materials social circle, Wechat groups, e-business cards, sharing session etc., Airvoice provides a more efficient, more private and more energetic interactive circle for materials engineers comprehensively.
Holding the concept of “sharing economy”, Airlab starts from "sharing R&D" and aims at gathering and sharing colleges and industry' s labs and pilot-run test resources, thereby solving entrepreneurs' dilemma for space and resources.
Airlab will act as the entrance of innovation and talents and consolidating resources of industry chain to forge a new composite innovation scenario for entrepreneurs. Technology transformation will no longer be high risk and costly! Airlab can inspire talents' innovation to the largest extent and optimize efficiency.
In future, Airlab will spread to colleges' Material faculties all over China. From point to line and finally to plane, we will strengthen connection between colleges and alumni, as well as colleges and industry.
Subordinated to Airlab, Aircafe is an operational entity for accelerating commercial innovation. It is China' s first provincial maker space in material application and to forge the finest service eco-circle for entrepreneurs in the field of material application.
Aircafe offers a comprehensive series of service including sharing office, product exhibition, sharing session, intellectual property, project acceleration, Angel Fund, talent management and others. This not only resolves entrepreneurs' hardware facility problems such as office, but provides most professional resources and services based on engineers and manufacturers. Ensure maximum efficiency and value for each innovative material project.
AirMarket dedicated in material project trading with great depth, connect-ing material engineers' applicational projects with scaled enterprises. Increase project' s equity transaction efficient by standardizing the project, matching precisely via multi-dimensions criteria and its 3-week online trade process. Products of the project can be produced in large scale and promoted into market rapidly, thus forming a barrier in time.
What will happen if we add blockchain into equity transaction? We are thinking that once digital currency becomes mature, we can finish equity transaction by ICO, which can accomplish asset securitization.
We would like to be the one knows the best of material in internet industry, and also the one knows the best of internet in material industry.
● Blockchain' s ICO in equity transaction
Incessant data from tracking the project' s operation situation can help us make better risk management. For example, average time for pilot plant test is four months according to most projects and the median is three months' time. If the project still
can' t succeed in five months, that means its failure rate has gone up to  90%.
These statistics can help to manage projects batter.
● Risk management system
Once we accumulate enough data, we can analyze factors influencing manufacturing enterprise' s upgrading in order to find better matching technical projects. It will also help entrepreneurs' project find more suitable business partners.
● AI upgrading and matching
Airengine' s lab
Combining the company' s strategy and user' s demand in the market, Airengine is a sector where Airlab' s product and data meet. We use advanced IT technology and statistics to support companies' other sectors and have developed a series of products, including "Airlab materials circle", "Airlab community", "Airlab", "Airlab station", and "AirMarket".
We have many ideas that are still in trail phase, other than ongoing R&D products. Airengine will exercise much greater power, once we accumulate more data.  Tracker tracking, path tracking, data mining and analysis will be applied into our business, providing services such as information management, risk management and precise financial management for project incubation.
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