By combining oversea scientific achievements and advantages in technical innovation with Chinese manufacturing industry's advantages in full-range industrial chains, capacity for scaled production and huge market, Airlab hopes to make industrialization of scientific and technological advancements more effective with scientists and engineers' cooperation.
National border should not be the limitation stops mankind benefit from scientific and technological advancements.
After ten years' exploration and correction, Airlab's founding team profoundly understands China's present conditions and disadvantages in manufacturing upgrade. Airlab sets its foot in manufacturing industry's upstream -- the field of materials and builds an innovative trading platform linking materials engineers and manufacturing enterprises.
Innovator and manufacturer, whom we called the Maker.
With abundant fine supply chain resources and cross-border resources of all types, Airlab gathers innovators in new materials and manufacturers dare to practice to jointly build a sharing eco-circle only for the Maker.
Bearing the concept of "sharing economy", Airlab inspires materials engineers to innovate and improve manufacturers' operation, helping their innovative results to carry out and standardize. Under the mutual trust pattern, innovation and manufacturing, technology and industry, project and capital are well linked. While helping materials business starters to absorb capital, Airlab also brings commercial wisdom and industrial resources to maximize their efficiency and advantages, thereby truly making innovation heard.
Airtopia provides all kinds of possibilities in the future based on engineers' creation. Currently include industrialization of domestic and abroad scientific and technological advancements, introduction new material from abroad and regional transformation and upgrading.
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