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How large is China' s manufacturing enterprises' demand for external incubation? And how can Airlab help?
The market of China' s manufacturing industry is enormously large. But the development up to this stage has gone weak, and it' s desperate to find a new growth to simulate total growth. External incubation for manufacture industry is a multi-hundred billion RMB market, this demand exist from the beginning and yet to be solved.
Airlab provides one-stop upgrade solution that meets traditional manufacturing enterprises' demand and speed up the trading of application project. Our solution can upgrade an enterprise' s technology and to boost industrial upgrade.
There is a huge upgrade space for traditional manufacturing industry. Only with mutual benefits can bring values. Although Airlab just started the race, we make every steady move to achieve final goal. We set our foot in material industry and utilize universities' hardware while using internet thinking, and unify all people in material sector. While realizing material craftsmen' s value, we also boost manufacturing industry rapidly upgrade and achieve win-win situation for all.
What has Airlab done so far?
So far we have established a support group with over 8000 material craftsmen; cooperated with many universities and construct our lab space; forming an upgrade alliance for manufacturing enterprises, service station for material craftsmen; industrial intangible asset operation (DEMO), upgrade fund for external incubation, etc.
Through controlling the risk factors, Airlab can enhance trust between engineers and manufacturing enterprises during cooperation and reduce time cost for trial and error. Airlab assists both sides to build up market barrier in a short time and avoid the negative results brought by vicious competition like the past.  
In general, we will make the trading between material craftsmen and manufacturing enterprises that needs technological upgrade become more efficient while protecting both sides’ interests more professionally and finally helping to form a positive market for application projects.
This is an innovative business model, has it been testified by the market?

Right now we have dozens of projects for acceleration, covering medical treatment, architecture, transportation and industry. Our business model has been recognized by both the material craftsmen and manufacturing enterprises.
Siry technology, who achieved China LED Pioneer Prize recently is one of successful cases. At the early stage, their core team used our platform to accomplish an innovative technological project via crossover with materials and LED and accomplished round A equity transection in merely six months, achieve ROI as high as sixteen times!
Right now Siry technology is one of the very few high-tech companies which specialize in manufacturing flexible circuit board with environmental friendly non-etching process in China. It takes a lead in the LED strip market in a short time and highly approved by the LED industry. Now they looking into a strategic cooperation with Airlab.
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